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Blackjack Training

Online Casinos - Virtual training with the MIT students who "brought down the house"

Blackjack VT is a one of a kind online virtual training program. Counting cards to give the player an advantage over the house is not a new concept, but the way you learn through blackjack VT is revolutionary. The player learns the techniques needed to gain the edge through fully interactive training modules and virtual one on one instruction with Mike Aponte and David Irvine. Our instructors are 2 of the original members of the MIT blackjack team featured in the book “Bringing down the house” and the major motion picture “21”. Blackjack VT can be used to improve a novice players skills as well as those who consider themselves a professional.

Mike Aponte and David Irvine have traveled the country giving seminars and sharing their knowledge of Blackjack with players for years. The technology used to create Blackjack VT takes all of their insight and understanding of card counting, along with basic and advanced Blackjack strategy and places it at your finger tips. All of our material is available 24/7 in an easy and understandable fully interactive format.

Features of blackjack VT:

   * A virtual training platform powered by Light Speed VT’s proprietary technology that is entirely video-based with cutting edge features.

   * Fully interactive training exercises that allow members to apply what they have learned at a virtual blackjack table.
   * Reports and scoring are supplied to keep track of members progress throughout their training

   * Interactive courses on Basic strategy, Money Management, Betting Strategy, Card Counting, and Advanced Strategy.

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